Meet your local Slovenian friends and learn how we try harder
Matic Cvitkovič

Avid traveler and cook.​

Top 5 in Slovenia:
Food: Olimpija burek street food
Drink: Radenska
Place: Rakičan horse stables
Experience: Kayaking inside Peca mine
Slovenian custom: May bonfires​

Aljaž Trontelj

In love with Alps and forests.​​

Top 5 in Slovenia:
Food: Struklji z gobami
Drink: Apple cider
Place: Wine regions Brda & Jeruzalem
Experience: Picnic on the Lake Bohinj
Slovenian custom: Foraging wild mushrooms

Lenart Cvitkovič

Would be always sailing if possible.​

Top 5 in Slovenia:
Food: Adriatic sea food
Drink: Slovenian wines and craft beers
Place: Our rivers Soča and Krka
Experience: Bear watching
Slovenian custom: Wearing slippers indoors


making sure you have a stress free holiday and do not miss out on local experiences


Every message, email or phone call is answered by one of us three. To ensure high quality of personal service we needed to limit the number of travelers we can help each season. ​We have set the limit for 2021 to 150 travelers (not groups) for spring season, 200 travelers for summer season, 150 travelers autumn season and 100 travelers for winter season.


We have been making sure that travelers have wonderful holidays in Slovenia and around the world since 2015.