Charming locals, unforgettable food,
unique experiences and beautiful sights
with less crowds.

Starting at 1495 eur per person.
We have a limited the number of available spaces for all private tours in 2021 to ensure the personal service of high quality.

kayak deep underground


in their natural habitat


glacial alpine valley


among terraced vineyards


Full of highlights and unique experiences

Day 1: Ljubljana

Arrive to Ljubljana.​

We meet you for drinks and welcome you in Slovenia.

Explore Ljubljana with our insider information. From tastiest street food to high end dinning. Main attractions, hidden spots, charming stories and history. Lively bars and night life.

​Overnight in Ljubljana

Day 2: Logar Valley

Breakfast in Ljubljana.

​Walk this picturesque Alpine glacial valley and enjoy not only its natural beauty displayed by waterfalls, mountain tops and green landscape, but also its culinary and cultural traditions.

Taste local delicacies at an eco-farm and see how it is to live in paradise.​

Overnight in Solčava.

Day 3: Abandoned Mine

Go deep underground in an original mine train that takes you 3,5 km into the mountain. Real adventure starts there as you kayak in flooded tunnels 700m beneath the surface. Afterwards walk the tunnels and learn of the hardships of being a miner. Finish with a tasty miner lunch underground. Alternatively you can cycle the tunnels (some 5km of trail) or just ride the train and walk the tunnels while learning about the mine.  

Drive to Prekmurje region where you settle into a small castle that was first mentioned in 1431. Castle has a beautiful park and horse stables. Don't stay up to long as you will have to attend to horses in the morning. ​

Overnight in Rakičan castle.

Day 4: Jeruzalem

Wake up early and join stablemaster in castle's stables where horses eagerly await you. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Ride a horse in a beautiful setting.

Enjoy traditional lunch. ​

Walk or cycle hills of Jeruzalem, prominent wine region, with winemaking tradition predating Romans. Enjoy quality wine and hospitality on a wine tasting tour.

​Overnight in Rakičan castle.

Day 5: Kozjansko,Ptuj

Stroll through the oldest town in Slovenia - Ptuj, being settled from Stone Age and first officially mentioned by the Romans in 69 AD. So get into a toga and let ancient Romans show you around their town.​

Continue to Kozjansko with its line of villages among rolling green hills. There you will learn about beekeeping.​See “repnice” – caves dug for the purposes of storing food and drinks for the winter. Try local wine and food.​

Overnight in Bizeljsko or Brežice.

Day 6: River Krka

Kayak or canoe river Krka. Go with the slow current of this green and tranquil river. You might even see beavers.

​Visit two small islands hugged by river Krka, one with little town called Kostanjevica na Krki and other with a castle Otočeč.​

Finish your day in Dolenjske Toplice where you can have a delicious dinner and maybe even take advantage of thermal spa.​

Overnight in Dolenjske Toplice.    

Day 7: Deep forest, bears

This part of Slovenia has a vast deep forest. It holds tragic stories of war and vibrant natural life. Visit Base 20 in Kočevski Rog – partisan WW2 field quarters and hospital.

​Have a hearty local lunch and continue to Lož where you will encounter the king of these woods – bears. Locals will tell you about their coexistence with them and finally hunter will lead you into the woods to see wild bears in their natural habitat. It is an experience you will remember.​

Overnight in Ljubljana.

Day 8: Ljubljana

Have breakfast, enjoy one last coffee before heading home or on to explore even more of what Slovenia has to offer.


Self drive or private driver?

What's included

Accommodation in twin/double rooms (7 nights)
Daily Breakfast
Dedicated private remote guiding 24/7
Tailor made travel book with detailed instructions and recommendations
Private driver (Private driver package only)

Highlights and experiences:
Welcome drink with your private remote guide
Wine tasting in Jeruzalem
Canoe rental on river Krka
Boat ride in Ljubljana
Dinner with wine in Repnice
Horse riding in Rakičan castle
Guided tour of Ptuj (with a hint of Roman experience)
Experience a closed mine with a train ride and kayaking
All entrance fees in the original itinerary
All private tours in the original itinerary: Bear watching, beekeeping experience, tour of Base 20, Krka canoe trip.
Thermal spa entrance fee (Dolenjske toplice)
Tailored self-guided tours of Ljubljana, Logar Valley, Jeruzalem, Kostanjevica, Otočec

Private Driver

Group of 4 people traveling:
1795 eur per person based on double occupancy

Group of 2 people traveling:
2195 eur per person based on double occupancy

Further discounts for families and groups of more than 6 people.

Self Drive

Group of 4 people traveling:
1495 eur per person based on double occupancy

Group of 2 people traveling:
1595 eur per person based on double occupancy

Further discounts for families and groups of more than 6 people.


That delivers both comfort and local charm.


Our selected accommodation enhance your local experience and are often highlight of the trip.


We work with hotels to pre-check you in so you can (almost) go straight to your room.


From street food and organic farms to Michelin star restaurants

Slovenia offers a wide range of culinary experiences. We have included some but you can add more depending on your preferences.​

Delicious breakfasts are included

Wine and olive oil tastings

Homemade cooking

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, etc., options are always available. Let us know.


Dedicated private driver or self-drive


Come with your own car and enjoy complete freedom of traveling. Rental car can be arranged if needed.


Enjoy the luxury of your private driver.


Tailoring to your needs and preferences
Dedicated service

From first contact to the end of your trip one of us will be your dedicated private remote guide and make sure that your wishes are heard and realized.

​He will be your local Slovenian friend.

Peace of mind

Your dedicated remote guide is there for your 24/7 making sure you have an amazing holiday. ​

We check weather, road conditions, look for special local events and are there for your questions.

Trips are customizable

Change number of days or add particular attraction. We tailor it to your needs such as food preferences, mobility, luxury, adventurousness, etc.​

We can even design you a trip from scratch. Write us for bespoke trip.


Forget group travel and have a freedom to explore at your own pace. ​

Meet friendly locals, hear their stories and let them get to know you.


Dedicated team of Slovene locals with a lot of experience in tourism and hospitality. We will make sure your trip to Slovenia will be a memorable one.

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