Private travel with our remote travel guiding
Private travel with
our remote travel guiding
We have a limited the number of available spaces for all private tours in 2021 to ensure the personal service of high quality.

Focus is on you

Tailoring to your needs and preferences
Dedicated service

From first contact to the end of your trip one of us will be your dedicated private remote guide and make sure that your wishes are heard and realized.

​He will be your local Slovenian friend.

Peace of mind

Your dedicated remote guide is there for your 24/7 making sure you have an amazing holiday. ​

We check weather, road conditions, look for special local events and are there for your questions.

Trips are customizable

Change number of days or add particular attraction. We tailor it to your needs such as food preferences, mobility, luxury, adventurousness, etc.​

We can even design you a trip from scratch. Write us for bespoke trip.


Forget group travel and have a freedom to explore at your own pace. ​

Meet friendly locals, hear their stories and let them get to know you.

Exciting highlights

Have no fear of missing out.
Explore old town Ljubljana,
from main attractions to hidden spots and lively culinary scene.
Postojna cave will amaze you with vistas
and sounds of its natural creations. Ride a train deep into the cave.
Combine local delicacies with beautiful lake Bohinj and its surroundings and you have a perfect dinner on a lake. Admire lake Bled.
Enjoy Adriatic sea and its pearl of Piran
take a refreshing swim, walk narrow cobbled streets and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.
Experience Soča valley by rafting the river
that will leave you speechless and afterwards fall asleep by its calming sound.

Unique experiences

Connecting you deeper with Slovenia - its people, culture and nature.
Get into a toga and let ancient Romans
show you around the oldest town in Slovenia. Orpheus might play his harp for you.
Hop on a electric bike and be amazed by rolling hills of vineyards and olive groves of Goriška Brda and see why it is called Slovenian Tuscany.
Wake up early in a 13th century mansion and
attend to horses in the mansions stables. Then you can ride one in a beautiful setting.
Have a miner's lunch in one of the mine shafts
and go kayaking flooded mine tunnels 700 meters undeground.
Go into the woods for a once in a
life time experience: bear watching in bear's natural habitat.
Tailored: all experiences are selected and tailored to traveler's preferences and needs. They are also adjusted to travelers's age, physical fitness, interests, etc.

Meet Us

Dedicated team of Slovene locals with a lot of experience in tourism and hospitality. We will make sure your trip to Slovenia will be a memorable one.

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